The My Best Book Universe!

❤️ The Heart Beat of My Best Book ❤️

What started as dream to bring innovative, personalized children's books to Denmark, has evolved into what we know as My Best Book now. We are currently established in 20+ countries, with an international team who love bringing our books to their home countries.

The heart beat of My Best Book is our driven team and collective ambition to provide children and families with heart-warming moments whilst they explore our books together. Our team is dedicated to creating the best adventures for you and your child to explore together.

📚 The Passion of My Best Book 📚

In our personalized children's books, the child is the star of the story. Along with their name, you choose the skin tone, hair color and style. Children engage with the book on a personal level as they feel the book is really a book about them.

Our Passion at My Best Book is that our books provide an experience, where the child reads together with a family member or a loved one. We value the togetherness that our books bring and we always want to promote the message of spending cosy time together and being present as a family, no matter how hectic day-to-day life can be. 

🦖The Adventures of My Best Book 🚀

Our books are written for curious children that love to explore. Being part of their own adventure, gives the child motivation and energy to read the book again and again. Your little hero can find themselves in the Land of the Dinosaurs, flying through the Solar System or their own underwater odyssey.

Younger adventurers, along with the grown-ups, can go on a trip in the forest, on a safari tour or learning about colors outside.

We also have personalized books to help with life changing transitions for the child. Through reading the book together they can understand their feelings about starting school, saying goodbye to their pacifier or why a good bedtime routine is important.